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Download Free Garmin Map Update 2018-2019

We utilize open-source maps downloaded to our Garmin GPS. A companion showed us how to download free maps to our GPS when we were in Mexico. We are perpetually obliged to him for telling us the best way to do this. It set aside us loads of cash since we didn't need to buy the maps from Garmin and the open-source maps are refreshed all the more much of the time. I have given the how-to steps to people en route and needed to share the data all the more extensively. Along these lines, here we present bit by bit directions.

Utilizing Open Source Street Maps for use on a Garmin 

Stage 1: Go to Open Street Map Website: download garmin map free

Step 2: Choose your guide type – click "nonexclusive routable (new style)"

Step 3: You have two options now – you can download a pre-characterized nation or fabricate your custom guide.

Decision 1 – a predefined nation 

• Using the drop-down arrangements pick your country and relying upon the size you may have the option to download the document quickly

• Example, utilizing the Asia drop down, pick "Laos" and afterwards at stage 4 (demand map) you will see "download map presently" connect on the screen right away. Note: download map presently doesn't generally work so observe stage 4.

• Click on the download map directly interface, and another window will open

• Download the document with the name "osm_generic_new_gmapsupp.zip", and the depiction says "packed record containing a solitary picture that can be put straightforwardly onto the SD card of the GPS". On my MAC it downloads as a picture and not as a compressed document, so it is anything but difficult to put in the envelope; this may be diverse on a PC.

Decision 2 – manufacture your very own guide 

• Click the container "empower tile choice."

• Then utilizing the guide region underneath – use the here and their bolts to move far and wide guide and the + or – to zoom in or out – click on the tiles you need. For instance, I manufactured maps of all the Southeast Asia nations I required to pass through.

• Once you have chosen your zone at that point demand your guide

Stage 4: Requesting your guide 

• Fill in your email address and snap fabricate my guide

• After your snap "fabricate my guide" another window will open that says you will get two messages

Stage 5: Receiving your guide 

• The primary email you get will disclose to you that your guide is in process and give a connection that you can check when it will be prepared or its status

• The second email you get will provide you with a connect to download your guide

Stage 6: Downloading your guide

• Click on the connection in the email

• Download the record with the name "osm_generic_new_gmapsupp.zip" and the depiction says "packed document containing a solitary picture that can be put legitimately onto the SD card of the GPS". On my MAC it downloads as a picture and not as a compressed document, so it is anything but difficult to put in the organizer; this may be diverse on a PC.

Stage 7: Put a map on the SD card for your Garmin

• You presently have the document. Try not to change the record name in any capacity; if you do, at that point it won't work.

• Put your SD card in your PC and make an organizer with the name "Garmin"; don't give it some other name or it won't work

• If you are utilizing the SD card that was at that point in your Garmin at that point open that organizer checked "Garmin" and erase the picture record that is in the envelope. On the off chance that this is a guide, you have obtained, at that point, spare it your PC.

• Move the new record/picture that you downloaded onto the SD card into the envelope stamped "Garmin."

• Put the SD card once more into your Garmin, and you presently have your new guide

Stage 8: On your Garmin gadget

• Insert the SD card into your Garmin gadget (or mood killer/on if you spared to the gadget hard drive).

• Turn on gadget

• Scroll until you discover tab called "arrangement", click on that

• Scroll until you find out the tab called "map", snap to open

• Select catch that says "map data" (may likewise say select guide) snap to open

• In this field, you will see every map that is on the gadget. Discover the guide you need to utilize ("OSM conventional routable (new style)"), select it to "empower it."

• Any different maps you have on your gadget, you have to choose and pick "handicap" generally there can be mapping clashes. Free garmin map updates.


• The principle issue that can happen is that the guide isn't working. The standard argument is that the Garmin is confounded because there is more than one guide on the Garmin. You have just ensured that the SD card has only one picture and that the envelope is classified "Garmin" and there shouldn't be some other organizers on that SD card. On the off chance that despite everything it isn't working, at that point plug your Garmin into your PC and take a gander at the documents on its hard drive. On the off chance that there is another record named "Garmin" at that point, this is the place your contention is happening. Evacuate that record (duplicate anything you are erasing before erasure as you may require it later).

• I did this on one individual's Garmin gadget that didn't have an SD card, so we were putting the new guide picture into a "Garmin" organizer on the hard drive. Yet, before I did that, I erased the old documents (before deleting I had spared a duplicate onto my PC). What I didn't understand is that the old record had contained data that would put the guide picture into various dialects. He required his guide to be in French. I had the option to return and move over the language documents onto his Garmin from the envelope I had taken off. I get idea doing this from a YouTube tutorial after looking for adding dialects to a Garmin.


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